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There’s some major buzz about NFTs and it’s got people asking lots of questions. Your co-hosts Ashley and Danielle “NFTIgnition” are leaders of a community led NFT project that showcases and empowers women to participate in the NFT space. This episode introduces some NFT basics and the Fame Lady Squad community project.

From the Blockchain is brought to you by Fame Lady Squad, an all-female avatar NFT project.

Meet the New Kids on the Block - Part 1

This two-part episode recorded at NFT NYC introduces your co-hosts Ashley “Bored Becky” and Danielle “NFT Ignition” from Fame Lady Squad. These leaders of the first generative all-female avatar project explain how they got started with NFTs and how they came to position of leadership for Fame Lady Squad. While the space is still very new, “Bored Becky” and “NFT Ignition” are on a mission to invite more women to participate in NFTs. Starting with this podcast. If you’re interested in getting involved or supporting female empowerment in NFTs, you’re going to want to check this out!

Meet the New Kids on the Block - Part 2

Join your hosts Ashley “Bored Becky” and Danielle “NFT Ignition” from the first all-female avatar NFT project called Fame Lady Squad. This episode is part two of an introductory series recorded in New York at the NFT NYC event. Learn how these women were introduced to NFTs and their current involvement in this light-hearted interview with moderator Stephen Rosenthal.

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